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    TEILEN Abstract This chapter provides a discussion of the subject of due diligence on cryptocurrencies invest in cryptocurrency digital asset-related investments. We begin with an overview of the three categories of crypto due diligence on a crypto asset manager: investment, operational and investigative.

    As part of this discussion, we discuss common areas covered during the investment due diligence process including analyzing crypto investment strategy and fund risk statistics.

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    Next, we turned to a review of the common goal of the operational due diligence ODD process include unique considerations applicable to both cryptocurrencies and non-fungible tokens NFTs. We also discuss common operational due diligence models employed by investors in crypto funds and the items typically covered during a crypto ODD review.

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    Next, we discuss the investigative due diligence process as well as the increasing trend of combining the operational and investigative due diligence processes. We conclude the chapter by discussing unique consideration for cryptocurrency custody solutions during the due diligence process.

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